Monday, December 5, 2011

Gingerbread Writing and Stations

Hey all- Do you use 6 +1 Writing Traits at your school? I had never heard of it til I moved to TN. But anyways, our school focuses on one trait a month. This month is word choice. So I have been teaching my kinders all about adjectives and being more descriptive with their writing. So this week I came up with a fun activity to do to really get the wheels turning for them!

Day 1: (Today) I baked some gingerbread cookies and brought in icing and sprinkles for the kids to decorate. I knew this would be chaotic with the whole class, so I put my kiddos in "Gingerbread Stations" this afternoon. (They were SOOOO excited when they walked in from specials. I told them it was a surprise and I gave them little hints throughout the day as to what it was! When I put on my Gingerbread apron... I think that gave most of them a good idea of what was going to happen.)

So here are the stations I used:
STATION 1: Number order puzzle
Mixed up gingerbread picture that they have to cut out and put the numbers in order to make the picture correctly. (I found this at as a FREE download!)

 STATION 2: Coloring
 just printed off some cute clipart I found online for the kids to color. I made the mistake of letting them use my markers... not even THINKING to remind them to put the caps back on. I am so glad I noticed before I went home today otherwise I would have had NO markers left to use for myself. (I LOVE that Gingerbread clipart!)

How cute is this gingerbread house coloring page?!

 STATION 3: Decorate a paper gingerbread man

I am a VERY crafty person (ONLY when it comes to kids) and I'm not afraid of using glitter and such with them. I showed them how to use a pinch of glitter INSTEAD of pouring it all over their paper. I still had a few who didn't listen... but whatevs! My floor gets vacuumed every night, sooo it's all good! =) They had a blast doing it too! I found the template HERE.

 STATION 4: Cookie decorating
Here is the cookie decorating station!

I made one... you know... for "an example"... haha (or just b/c I WANTED to!) 

 STATION 5: Computers

I came across this website through another teacher blog and was so excited b/c it has several different Gingerbread games for the kids to play... so no "I'm done" in the middle of decorating cookies! =) The website is:

I also had other ideas that I did not use...

*Read Gingerbread books
*Use playdoh and Gingerbread cookie cutters

So that's all I got done today for writing! OH! And I took a picture of each student with their cookie to use for Wednesday.

Day 2: (Tomorrow) We are going to review the 5 senses and talk about how the cookies looked/tasted/smelled/and felt. I will record their responses on a web (sorry- forgot to take a picture tonight! I'll try to remember tomorrow.)

Day 3: The kids are going to receive their own graphic web to choose 3-4 adjectives to write about their own cookie. (I'll let them use our web created as a class AND to look at their pictures so they remember what their cookie looked like. UPDATE 6/ 9/13-- I will post this on my teacherspayteacherstore BEFORE December of 2013. I am currently going through my old blog posts and deleting some really old/embarrasing posts since I've gotten better as creating and my old classroom pics are embarrasing!---- stay tuned!)

Day 4: The kids will put their web into writing... My gingerbread cookie is ______. My gingerbread cookie has ______. etc.

Day 5: Edit/revise as needed.


  1. So very cute! And I'm with you....BRING ON THE GLITTER! They'll never know how to use it if no one shows them!

    Rowdy in First Grade

  2. One quick question: what template did you use for your gingerbread men that your kinders are decorating?

    Rowdy in First Grade

  3. I am so glad you liked the page of gingerbread websites! I appreciate you mentioning my website. you'll find lots of gingerbread things on my blog too. Happy Holidays!
    A Teachers Touch


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