Sunday, September 4, 2016

Metro School Chosen As National Model For Behavior, Discipline Fairness

Hey all! I have a future post in the works about all the fun stuff we've been doing in my Pre-K class this year! Now that I have a year under my belt with the PreK curriculum and after starting in a new district, I have a little more extra time to devote to my teacher blog. =) If you've read my past few entries, you know that we are a worksheet free school. Metro Nashville Public Schools received an amazing grant to provide a developmentally appropriate education for our preK students. We currently have 4 early learning centers, that are for Pre-K students. I work in one of those early learning centers, so if we wanted to use a worksheet- we are encouraged to find alternate ways to teach and gather data on our students through play. It's been a game changer for me. But that's a whole other post! =)

I'm so excited because our school was chosen as a National Model to provide a social-emotional education to our students to provide equity among ALL children when it comes to addressing their behavior. Once this went public, my favorite news station came to our school to share the story. And they filmed my class and I for some of the footage as they told the story. I was so nervous, but excited! :) Below is the footage, but they came in at the end of the day between nap and dismissal... and funny story! Right before they came in to ask if they could film us, I had just spilled my coffee ALL OVER my desk and floor! hahaha I was mortified but didn't want to pass up a cool opportunity, so I said come on in! =)

(And how cute are my kiddos? I just love them! Clearly, some are a little sleepy in the footage after just waking up! But they really are an energetic, happy, silly, lovable group of kids that I am so lucky to teach!)

And thank you to everyone who has continued to support me on TPT and following me on here. I know I've been on a hiatus... but the fact that people still read my old posts, email me with questions and support me on TPT is such a blessing! I'm so grateful for you all! <3