Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Living the First Grade Dream =)

Hey ya'll!!!! I am so excited for the upcoming school year! I will be done with grad school and my motivation for blogging is back! I have been creating a few things for the upcoming school year. But first I wanted to share some exciting news! One of my FAVORITE 1st grade teachers (whom I just happen to work with) just started her own teaching blog! Her name is Katie and she is WONDERFUL! I am so excited and definitely recommend you check out her blog! She is just getting started so be sure to comment and follow her too! You can find her blog by clicking her button below:

Living the First Grade Dream

I promise you won't regret it! I spent my day updating some items on my TPT store. I also added some ADORABLE number posters I made for my classroom that match my ABC posters, my behavior chart, word attack strategy posters and daily objective posters. (Which are ALL on my store as well!)

Here are some pictures of how I displayed my ABC posters.... (above the bulletin boards and white board).

Here is my behavior chart and word attack strategy posters:
I use a dry erase marker to write our daily objectives on these $1 store picture frames. I hot glued a 3M hook to the wall.

I also have all of my items in chevron as well!

This post is all over the place! Some of you may remember I made this awhile back... (this is my favorite teacher quote!)

Well my sister saw this and thought of me... and I love it so much! How cute is that? She didn't even know I love that quote! So perfect!

SQUIRREL! Okay, now I managed to get a picture of one cute thing I did before the school year ended. If you follow me on instagram (link at the top right), you might remember this cutie:
I can't take credit for the bumble bee craft b/c it was inspired by one of my favorites! (Click on her link below)...
Some of these first grade blogs make me want to teach first grade...

Well, stay tuned for more this summer! I am so excited to be done with grad school in 3 weeks! =) Hope you're all enjoying your break!