Sunday, June 23, 2013

One more week!

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Classroom Set-Up {then & now}

When I saw that Little Miss Glamour Goes to Kindergarten was throwing a linky party on how our rooms have changed with teaching experience, I got so excited I wrote this post immediately! (Hence, why I'm up past 1 am!) I'm going on my 5th year of teaching kindergarten and have been in the same classroom all 5 years! After my first year of teaching, we had a change of administration and with that came a goal for school improvement! To start off, that summer of 2010, all teachers were ordered to "de-clutter our rooms" (aka: THROW AWAY THE JUNK!) So that's just what I did. Then we were allowed to paint our classrooms, so I did that too! My principal hated the rickety, wooden tables in my room, so she got me beautiful, green tables that were sturdy and easy to clean! I also got a new easel and through the years, have really gotten better at staying organized, keeping clutter to a minimum and creating (and finding) awesome classroom decor for my room! Well enough of my jibber-jabbing... take a look for yourselves! 

My first year of teaching (2009-2010) to My 4th year (2012-2013)

Note the boring walls, old rickety tables and boring table signs... (all before pinterest and this blog!)
EXACT same view of my room during my 4th year of teaching... pretty color on the walls, new tables, chair pockets made by  my mom, pretty table signs I made and matching table tubs for supplies! =)


This was where my writing center was my first year of teaching....
Here is the exact same view but this area is now my calendar area! (I LOOOOVE my new rug thanks to donorschoose!)

These next two photos were my calendar area my first year of teaching...

Here is that same wall now! It's my word wall/small group area on the large whiteboard and the smaell board is my writing board and listening center.


Close up of my writing board....
This wall is also part of our writing board...
This is how I used to post my standards...
Here is how I post them now!
My letter of the week board (before we were told to stop letter of the week)
Here is the same wall this past school year!

My tiny little word wall....
Old computer station....

Here is that same corner NOW. =)

Here is what my computer center looks like now!
Old library station...

My new library station! (That little book shelf didn't stay there... I eventually moved it  b/c it was too cluttered for my liking here.
Look back to the right side at my flat file and how messy that area is (my first year)!
Now look at this beauty! So organized and loving it!!!

I get so excited looking back at these b/c I can't wait to start decorating my classroom (I know... I'm a big nerd!)

So click on the link at the beginning of this post to go see other classroom transformations!


Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Our "QU" wedding....

Playing duck duck goose, while waiting for the buses on our field trip!

I taught the kids how to play simon says when we were learning how to act out the meaning of simple verbs... they loved it so much they played it out on the playgrounds!

One of my little guys brought this in for me on teachers appreciation day and I about cried.... it was one of the most thoughtful gifts I have received!

This went with my crayola crayon picture =)

Another sweetie brought me these flowers <3

"Smarties" were in the jar (LOVE the creativity!!!)