Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thank you!!!

This goes out to all you fabulous teachers out there who are trying to make a difference! =)

Friday, September 14, 2012

Number 1-10 Journal Pages

I wanted to share something that I created for my kindergartners because they are having a lot of trouble with identifying and counting numbers 0-10. We have been working on them for a month and are going to continue at our school! We explained to our administration that we understand how important it is for the kids to really know their numbers in Kindergarten b/c 1st grade and on don't have time to re-teach it any more b/c of common core. So we are re-teaching every week until the kids have got it! So i created these little journal pages and posted them on TPT to help my kiddos. So if you think you could use them in your classroom, take a look! 

Monday, September 10, 2012

Alphabet Centers & # 0-10 math centers

Hello friends!!! I am truly missing out on keeping this blog updated- but I am so physically exhausted when I get home, and after catching a stomach bug floating around our school over the weekend- I am so drained! I'm really trying to get better at posting more this year-  I promise!

I finally figured out what to put in this awesome shelf I was given this year! I put all my ABC centers in it! =) 
In the tubs you can see:
Letter building mats and blocks (lowercase AND uppercase)
ABC wikki stix mats
ABC tracing mats 
letter magnets with chicka chicka boom boom mat (for retelling)
uppercase/lowercase matching puzzle
letter/sound matching puzzles
beginning sound matching puzzles 
magnetic letter matching mats
ABC playdoh mats (from Andy Lyons actually taught K in my school district! He's a principal here now! So cool!) 
I wish I had 2 more shelves like this for math manipulatives and a word work center! =)

Now moving onto math... this is our stations from LAST week! I've kept a few of them the same this week (so I'll try to take pictures tomorrow of the new ones!)
I haven't started using recording sheets yet- we are still practicing the routines and working quietly during center time. I think I'll start introducing them next week!
matching numbers to quantity mats

touch math puzzles

playdoh center 

counting center

I love the beads- found them at Joann's if you are interested!

The whole center- I have number word ones too for my kids who are ready.

 number/ number word tracing center

While I was working in small groups today, I discovered some of my kids are having such a hard time counting objects to 10. So I have to stick with identifying numbers with them for now. It's so different for us to teach numbers this early on... normally we haven't taught numbers until later in the year.... so the kids are getting their numbers and letters mixed up. So I'm going to have to work on that too! Common Core has been great b/c I feel it's easier to figure out what specific skills my students are struggling with!

Anyone else have any great number/counting activities I can do with my kinders??? I'd appreciate any ideas!

Until next time...
OH! And check out my awesome Bear Buck pocket chart I made! They kids earn bear bucks for good choices! =) Then they can spend the bear bucks on rewards!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Busy bees!

Hey all! I'm so sad... I was at school until 6:30 on Friday getting stations ready and forgot to take pictures before I left! So I hope I can remember to on Monday! =)
But for now... I have a few pictures of some Chicka Chicka Boom Boom trees we made during small groups this past week! I got the idea from Deanna Jump and Jennifer Tilton. They turned out so cute! Now keep in mind... I let my kiddos make them, without any of my "input"as to where to put the leaves and such. I like to see them making choices as to where to place the leaves and stickers. =) It makes them more unique! I just helped them when it came to taking the back off their stickers. And I also highlighted most of my kid's names to trace b/c all but 5 kids can actually write them currently.... so we have our work cut out for us! (It just gives us lots of room to grow!)
Here are a few pics...
Our beautiful hallway display!

Standard #1
Standard #2

After we finished our trees.... I held each one up and we counted the letters in each students name and graphed them on the document reader! =)

 Here are a few close-ups!!!

I'm so sorry for my lack of posting! The kids and I are finally starting to settle in with the routines and rules... so hopefully I'll get more time to take pictures throughout the day! But until then.... Thanks for following! =) 

Have a wonderful 3 day weekend!!!