Saturday, April 30, 2011

Addition game and Building Beavers

So we lucked out with the past few storms! The worst of them hit south of us, but we still had a lot of rain that caused some flooding,  power outages, roof damange and TONS of trees down. This picture doesn't even do the storm clouds justice.... they were scary! =(

But thank the Lord we made it through! 

We have been learning how to add in math this month and here my kiddos are after learning how to play Go Fish- addition style. We got this game idea off of Shari Sloane's website:

She has a lot of great printables so check her out!

Our school district requires us to post our standards in kid friendly language and I'm finally starting to get the hang of it. Here is our standards we are planning to cover this week!

Last week we talked about the main idea of a story. We created a web about what we learned after reading Building Beavers.... they did a GREAT job!

The next day we compared and contrasted a beaver's home to a people home. They laughed at me b/c didnt' make my boxes big enough for my large handwriting! hehe

I fixed up my writing center this week... I added our word family posters and moved our writing materials shelf closer! They love it!

Other than that, we have been busy little bees and they are working hard! I'm so sad for this year to end in 3 weeks, but really looking forward to starting off next year with a fresh start! It will be my 3rd year teaching and I have SO many great ideas to do that i have to keep a notebook so I'll remember! =) I can't wait!

(I apologize that some of the photos seem blurry- I left my digital at home so these are from my cell phone!)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spring is in full swing!!!

I can't believe all the storms we have been getting this spring in TN!!!! We've had 2 really bad storms with high winds enough to damage my roof. Tonight and tomorrow they are predicting severe storms with high chances of tornadoes.... which is no fun when you live alone with no basement!!!! I want my mommy! ;) Please say a prayer for all of us in the south that are in the storm's path this week! 

Before the storm hits and most likely takes out my power, I wanted to share a few pictures of some fun spring activities we have been doing in kindergarten!

After spending a week learning about plants and seeds, the kids were able to plant their own seeds. They are growing fast and the kids are so excited! Next week I'm going to let them paint some little flower pots to give to their moms/grandma/aunts, etc for Mothers Day! (We have a lot of kiddos that don't live with moms, so I try to remind them that even thought they don't live with them, they may have someone in their lives that is like a mom...)

Anyways... here a pic of our plants on Friday last week! (We were out of school today for power outages due to the storms last night.... this has been one crazy spring)!

When learning addition I let them color a ladybug, and glue black dots on each wing. Then we wrote our addition sentence on yellow squares to glue on the bottom. 

Back to our plant unit.... we read Eric Carle's "Tiny Seed" and then labeled and glued the parts of a plant and what a plant needs to grow as a fun craft! They loved it and worked so quietly as they glued! 

A little assessment for our landforms unit. Each day they drew the landform we talked about in a corner of the paper.

Our rigor and relevance for the month! They wrote their own addition stories! They turned out so cute!

Our writing after reading "Spilt Milk"....

During our dental health unit I had dental words in their writing center and some of my kiddos did a great job writing! =)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Random Classroom Storage

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I don't know what it's like teaching upper grades, but I feel as K-teacher in a Title 1 school we have a lot of stuff. (Don't get me wrong... it's AWESOME to have all the materials that we do... but where in the world are we supposed to store all these materials?!!!!)

Well just so happens I have been working on my room this week doing some spring cleaning so I can focus on teaching my kids, rather than trying to remember where I put everything! And last night I got A LOT done!!! So enjoy a few pictures of my clean classroom, that will probably be a mess again by this time next week. ;)

The following picture if a bucket of stickers I use daily for homework/behavior calendars and completed center work.

This is how the kids know what special we have each day. The frog clip I made (just hot glued on a clothespin) tells us!

We were allowed to paint our rooms this year... so I painted it this pretty blue with some clouds and of course a Chicka Chicka Boom Boom theme! (Hince the blog name! hehe) I hope to touch it up this summer b/c I was in such a hurry to paint this in 2 days last summer....

Each student's hook has a number on an apple. (Which matches the number on their nametags on their desk.) This way I don't have to change the names on the hooks every year! (Gotta love time savers!) I plan on doing the same with their cubbies next year!

We don't have our own aids... we actually share an aid between our 6 kindergarten teachers and 6 first grade teachers (we keep her busy!) She only helps in the inclusion classes, so the only thing she has time to help me do is make copies/laminate/put papers in the kids' cubbies and a few other things we may ask her to help with from time to time. So I got these drawers to help her know what needs done each day without having to interrupt class. (She LOVES it!) It has been working great! 

Random pic of the inside of my easel... if you noticed a few posts back it was a disaster and I finally have it cleaned out! I use markers and expo markers DAILY so that's pretty much the only thing I keep in her every week. I place our big books and trade books we read each week back here AND chart paper when I'm not using it. I love my easel!
 (The drawers underneath are ANOTHER story.... I need to work on those soon!)

Our school district was blessed enough to get a model classroom in EVERY class in the district. So I have 2 remotes to keep track of... 1 for the VCR/DVD player and our projector. I was losing them ALL the time before I got these adorable little bins from the Dollar Store. (There were 3 in a pack last summer... blue, green and pink!) *note my adorable scentsy burner--- I had to get the Twinkle Twinkle Little Star one for my desk! The kids LOVE it too!

 Another random idea... to keep my stamp pad and stamps handy, I place them in a little bucket too on my desk. (Notice my adorable post its? I can't say it enough- I LOVE TARGET'S $1 SECTION!)

I don't know why this picture looks all funny- but I don't have an actual DESK. We have these teacher stations (that I LOVE) but they were so hard to keep organized. So I used some bins I got from the dollar tree that fit perfect to organize things and keep the inside looking clean! hahah and notice the toy car and action figure? yes, I'm one of those teachers that take toys they bring and put them in my desk... lol It makes me think of A Christmas Story every time.. hehehe

This is the bottom portion of the teacher station... it has a little surface you can pull out to use as a desk if you need to sit down... I just keep my desk calendar on there... I don't sit down much! haha
I keep all my printer paper at the bottom.

Here is where I store posters and such- in my wonderful flat file! Then I keep all my teacher manuals an resources on the shelf above. 

I did this at the end of last year b/c I was sick of how cluttered my desk was and not being able to find anything.... Now I know where EVERYTHING IS! It's beautiful! (I got them from Walmart.)

Glue gun storage- CHECK!

These were hand me downs from another teacher... I thought I would use them, but I don't like them much. I want to get the clear pockets so I can actually SEE what's in them... I will label them too when I get new ones.

I put all my craft supplies in the drawers.... These will get labels soon also.

I LOVE MY CONSTRUCTION PAPER STORAGE! I plan on ordering another one for the small paper next year! It's worth it!

That's pretty much it! Hope you enjoyed my pictures and look forward to seeing everyone else's classrooms! I love getting new ideas! Thanks Mrs. Patton for putting this linky party together this week!!!!