Thursday, January 26, 2012

100th Day Fun in pictures

 I have a headache so I'm not going to add too much thought into this post tonight... but did want to share our day in pictures! Enjoy!!! =)
Morning work =)
100 year old self-portrait

Making fruit loop necklaces with the 100s chart

Building something with 100 legos then writing about it
"If I had $100, I would buy..." writing

Watching the 100 brainpop video

My lil guy with a peanut allergy couldn't make a fruit loop necklace, so he got to use beads! =) 

 Getting the 100s day hats ready!

They put 10 items/stickers on each strip of paper to make 100

 all the goods for their 100s day trail mix

 Making the trail mix in their silly hats!

 They had such a great time!
 The goods on the mat I made them!

Here's a free download for you! (Hover over the picture and a small gray box will appear on the top right corner. Click on the square with an arrow pointing out of it to take you to a page where you can download it.)
100th day= SUCCESS!

Our class (-1 kiddo who went home sick!)

I also wanted to share that I got my donors choose goods in this week and I'm so excited!!!
Our letter pocket chart! Thought this would be great for my low kiddos AND of course at the beginning of every year! 

 YAY! I hope this helps me teach my kiddos who are still struggling with rhyming words!!!
 Lots of great alphabet resources... I can still use these with my low babies! =)
So excited about these beads!
 My new library shelf! (the small one!) Now I have a place to put all the books they are "allowed" to read (b/c they never put them back in my bins correctly, so they are banned from my shelf. lol)
I am sooo psyched about this fishing for phonics game! I can even use it in small groups!

Thank you soooo much again to all who donated! The kids were so excited about our new centers and book shelf! =) (They all CHOOSE to go to library center now... so funny!)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Some winter fun ideas! =)

Hey all! So I forgot to post this last week... but better late than never, right?! After coming back from winter break, the kids created a fun snowman craft (pictured below) and wrote about their snowman. They turned out so cute!

Before the wrote about their snowman, we read several books about snowmen and then watched the movie Snowman. (It was so cute!) Then we created a tree map listing some words we can use to describe him. They came up with some hilarious ideas!

Here are a few close-ups!

Oh! And actually we had 2 days the first week we came back (We started back on a Thursday). So we read The Mitten, sequenced the story (using the printables on Jan Brett's website and glued the mitten on a brown paper bag to keep all their characters in one spot.) and wrote about an animal that could fit in our own mitten. (They turned out pretty cute!)

A few of my favorite drawings.... =)

UPDATE 6/9/2013--- I have deleted my scribd account. I will be uploading all my freebies onto my TPT store. I will have them posted at least a month in advance for anyone who is looking to use them in the next school year! No worries!!!

Stay tuned.... I have more pictures to share later this week! Our 100th day is tomorrow so I'll try to remember to take pictures throughout our day! =)

Happy Hump Day!

(((Oh! And here's some things we did 2 weeks ago! My oh my, I am behind!))))
While learning how to tell time to the hour we read "What Time Is It, Mr. Crocodile?" and listed what Mr. Crocodile did throughout the day.

Then we used post-its and put the numbers in the correct spot on the clock! Each of us got a chance to move the hour hand after Ms. Gleadall announced a time for us to show. (I know... nothing too fancy, but the kids had a great time with this activity!)

We also learned about digital time and about the terms "noon"(around lunch time) and "midnight"(while we are sleeping). I would announce a time and let each child come and point to the digital time on the chart. They did a great job with this!

For Unit, we are learning about winter. So we finished the sentence "In the winter, I wear ____." for predictable chart!

For writing, we wrote about what our dreams our for our future after learning about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

 Here's a few final copies... with the kiddo's faces blurred for safety reasons!

The past 2 weeks we have be learning about coins! We have been practicing identifying each coin, their qualities and worth. This week we've been counting coins up to 50 cents.

We already practice this every day during calendar time with a song and making the amount to go with how many days of school we have been in.