Saturday, October 1, 2011

Update on my niece!

Hey all! So quick update on my niece! I just got off the phone with my sister who had to come home last night after 3 nights in the hospital. She couldn't take her sweet girl home just yet b/c they still have her on a respirator and a lot of other cords. So sis just called to check in on her this morning and found out that baby Sonorah is completely off the nitric oxide now and they are going ot take her off the oxygen completely today. If all goes well after that, she will be put in an incubator until she shows that she is able to breath completely on her own for a few days with no surprises. I'm so relieved--- our whole family has shared tears these past few days b/c we just want to hold her so bad. But we can't even touch her b/c she's not to be stimulated. (If we wake her up... she could try to rip off all the cords/feeding tube/etc.) So it's been really hard. We haven't seen her smile/cry/etc. yet. We're so anxious to get to know her, hold her ... all that stuff you can take for granted. This baby is very loved and has so many people praying for her. I appreciate the prayers! They are working! Now I'm praying she can get through today.... and continue to show improvements so my sis can take her home soon. That's all I know for now. Here is a sweet video of Sonorah and her daddy... I cried my eyes out (I was in the room when this happened... it was so beautiful.)


  1. Where did you get your template for the pattern block numbers?

  2. Liz,
    I wondered I just found these...does this help??

  3. I'm so glad to hear that baby Sonorah is improving! I hope you all get to hold her soon! Thank you for sharing your math centers, we are working on numbers 0-5 this week, so it is perfect timing!

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog!! So excited to have found it!! Thanks for sharing such GREAT ideas!!

    Hugs for your newest sweetest baby!! The NICU is hard, but it will be "gone" super fast!! My daughter was in the NICU for 14 days and while it seemed like forever it went by really fast too!! The sweet baby knows that she is LOVED! Hang in there...

    Cant wait to keep following you!!
    Sarah Hetrick

  5. That's great news about your niece. That video is pretty cool! Children really are a miracle!

    I have another counting activity for free on my blog. It's using snap cube to make the numbers.

    Head on over to get it. My kids love it! (And I love it because it keeps my kid from playing guns with them!)

    Empowering Little Learners!


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