Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Instagram #teachertalktuesday

Man oh man have I missed out on a lot this past school year! I am amazed at how the blogging world has exploded with so many great teachers and teacher blogs out there! Most of you know I took a little hiatus so I could focus on my masters classes this past year. I tried to post here and there, but had a tough time managing it all and staying sane. But I am happy to announce that my classes are going AWESOME and this time next year I'll have a master's degree!

Now onto more fun stuff! I saw the posts on Teacher Talk Tuesday and I thought it was such a GREAT idea I had to join in! (I know... I'm a week late!) I'm officially on summer break since Friday... but I did remember to take a few cute pics of our end of the year fun! I used the picstich and instagram apps to join....

You can find me on instagram as...


If you are interested in where I found the cute activities- I have provided a link to TPT where I found them!
An adorable summer craft (Found HERE)
Our writing activity for the last week of school! They turned out so great!!! (Found HERE)

After the kids left for summer break. Don't pretend like you didn't do it too! ;)
I miss these little boogs!!! <3

I can't believe another year has flown by! I hope that next school year I will have a little more time to post on here now that I'm in the swing of things with my masters! =) I will definitely be posting freebies and maybe a few things on TPT here and there this summer. I appreciate all the love and support you have shown me this past week!!! Love my blogging buddies!!! (And those teachers who are loyal readers!) =)

Hope ya'll are having a wonderful summer break! (And to those of you who are still in school.... you are almost there! YOU CAN DO IT!) =)


  1. Hi Jessica,
    We found you through Tennessee Blogger. Us Tennessee chicks have to stick together. Love your blog, it is too cute. We are your newest followers.
    Kristy and Misty

  2. I love the picture of everyone celebrating! I am a new follower! I love the activities!


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