Thursday, May 31, 2012

Plans for Next Year

Hey all! So I wanted to share my plans for literacy centers next year! I want to see what you think!

I am done with the tubs from last year. I hated having to make so many copies of worksheets and changing them out every week. So this year I plan on doing center rotations. I did it at the end of the year and my kids did WONDERFUL. I loved it b/c they didn't get bored b/c I switched them every 15 minutes. So they didn't have time to goof off!

So here is my plan...

I will have the following centers:

1. Writing center- I'm going to use the monthly ones that I purchased from Dee Dee Wills at

I HIGHLY recommend them! She did a FANTASTIC job on them and she has enough so you can change it out weekly, or let them choose! =) 

2. Poetry Center- Where I will write out a poem on chart paper, then have them glue a copy in their poetry journals. Give them an assignment like "Circle all the Aa's" (beginning of the year or "Underline all the rhyming words" towards the end) I started it this year, but found that I need to teach the poem a week ahead so they can read it fluently on their own in centers! After they do the assignment, they can illustrate the poem on the opposite page. (Anyone have any other ideas/tips to go along with this?) I'm going to use the poems found at Kindergarten Hoppenings (she has posted some FABULOUS freebies and tips for poetry journals! Shannon is AWESOME!)

3. ABC/Word work Center: This is where I plan on using ideas from the Daily 5. I LOOOVED all the ideas the Daily 5 gave, but I couldn't run my centers just like they did b/c of my district and kiddos needs at the beginning of the year. I love the management though! I will definitely use a lot of what they do, just different centers! I figure we can start off with just alphabet work at the beginning of the year, then gradually move to word work, depending on my kiddos abilities!

4. Listening Center: I use the response sheet found at Deedee Wills' website (if you find the library/listening response, click on the links she has provided for the downloads) for the kids to respond to after they listen to their story.

5. Computer Center: Our school purchased the whole starfall website, so I can track my students' work on there! 

6. Library Center: Same as listening center, they will have a response page to draw a picture of their favorite part! I will also use the Daily 5 in teaching my students the 3 ways to read a book, so they can "read the pictures" at the beginning of the year! I will also try and find easy books and books we read often form them to read to! I found that my kids were reading the Color Word songs (frog street) found here and Pete the Cat all by themselves at the end of the year last year. So I'm figuring out how to improve their fluency every year!

7. Pocket Chart Center: I thought I could have some fun activities here... like matching uppercase/lowercase letters, sequencing the alphabet, matching letters to beginning sounds, sorting pictures by beginning/ending sounds, etc! 

8. Games and Puzzles: This is where I would put out some puzzles (obvi!) and games we play in small groups! I realized this late last year that the kids LOVED playing Munch, Munch What's for Lunch in a center... (Thanks Fran for that FABULOUS game!) So I plan on doing this for my kiddos next year! So instead of them asking "Can we play the popcorn word game today?!!" EVERY single day... they can play it in their center!!! =) 

9. Write the Room: There are SOOOOO many great resources available that I can change this up to keep it fun for my students! Check out my one of my new favorite bloggers Jayme at Kinderbabies. She has a GREAT freebie for the beginning of the year! So awesome!!! Find her blog here:

10. Housekeeping Center: I feel like I can make this literacy based! I'm going to work on it this summer... but I feel if I have the kids "reading or writing" in this center, they can get away with playing WHILE learning! What are your thoughts? I can have them make grocery lists, lists for things to pack for a trip, doctor notes, etc! If anyone has found things ALREADY created for this, please let me know by commenting! I am reeeeally wanting to incorporate it this year! =)

Alright, well that's my ideas for now! Please share your ideas or resources I can find and use! Also, if you have any other center ideas that I am missing, let me know! The more the better!!! I need atleast 10 b/c I don't want more than 2 at a center this year! I found that there is less fighting/talking that way! =) 

Alright, I broke the rule about posting once a day! But I'm making up for lost time!!! Now for real! Enjoy your summer- after you comment on my post. Please and Thank you! =)


  1. It's funny how we all have different teaching styles. I tried literacy centers and literacy tubs and I HATED it. It was chaos and I didn't feel like the kids got much out of it. I thought it would be great doing literacy tubs since my kids do mat tubs but somehow with literacy it did not work too well. What really works well for my classroom is implementing Daily 5. It has change my life and made things so much easier. Less work for me but the kids got so much out of it. Good luck!

  2. I am sooo lucky! I get to have 1 hour a day of free centers, which is basically play time :) Of course the centers are educational, and I could spout off the objective they are working on if someone came in, but its nice to be able to let them play with baby dolls without having to worry about making sure they're writing or reading while they're doing it. I have that stuff available and sometimes they use it, but if they don't it's no big deal! I have some writing boxes from Lakeshore that my kids always enjoy,|searchResults~~p|2534374302192411~~.jsp

    I'll look forward to seeing what else you come up with!

    Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten

  3. Check out KindergartenWorks for some literacy ideas for the housekeeping centers. She has a ton of great ideas. I think it's hard sometimes to figure out what works best for your class and kids with centers. I finally got mine to work last year and I did something similar to what you are planning.
    Ms. Kerri and her Krazy Kindergarten

  4. Jessica,
    Thanks for all of your great ideas.I have been doing "4 stations a week" for quite a while. I would like to start something like you are planning. Did you have any resource books to help w/ planning? Are the kids going to choose or will you have a schedule for each child to rotate through all stations? I teach a half day class, so our time is short. Also, are you going to do the same thing for math? Thanks for any help you can provide.Kerry


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