Sunday, July 22, 2012

Great Resources to share!

Hey ya'll!!! I've been keeping busy spending as much time with my family and friends before school starts as possible--- and when I'm not able to do that, I'm getting things ready! And I have recently been spending WAY TOO MUCH money on TPT. But you know what... I have a feeling it's going to pay off in the long run! Can I just brag about some of our fellow blogging buddies? Seriously ya'll! They have made my life so much easier this year! I'm going to share with you some stations that other bloggers have made--- BY CHOICE. They didn't ask me to, NOR am I getting paid/rewarded for this. I am so excited about these centers- that I HAVE to share them with you!!!

 So here we go--- The first are a few made by the wonderful Deedee at:

She has created monthly writing centers for the ENTIRE YEAR!!! Yup, that's right folks. I don't have to worry about planning what my kids are going to do b/c she has done all the hard work for me! All I have to do is make a few copies and DONE! (I bought all her stations when she had them on sale earlier this summer- so I'm ready to go!) 
She has ALSO created an overhead station for the 1st quarter. (I believe I read somewhere that she said she will be creating more for the rest of the year also!)

Deedee also has some wonderful math journal prompts for each month as well that I plan on using this year!!!

Then there is this awesome dramatic play center from Kathleen at

And best part is... she says she'll be making more for each month! So exciting and what a great way to keep the kids exciting about center time! I can't wait to see what else she'll come up with!!!


And the greatness doesn't stop there!!! Alessia Albanese over at

has greated a year's worth of pocket chart stations!  I plan using the pictures from her packet and then writing my sentences on sentence strips and cutting them apart to save ink/paper! But she has included great graphics and recording sheets to go with each week's station! She did a wonderful job!!!! {so sorry the picture is cropped weird! I have no idea why!}

So those were some wonderful centers that can last you all year if you purchase the whole set!!!

Now I have a few others I've bought recently that are GREAT for the beginning of the year and I can't wait to use them!

Lori Rosenburg from

Teaching With Love and Laughter
created a wonderful Alphabet resource to use daily with my kindergartners!

 The great part is... it goes along with Jack Hartman's Learning Letter Sounds song! (I had honestly never heard of it before, so I searched for it on youtube and found his music video- and I loved it!) I will definitely be using this during our morning meeting every day... and posting the small ABC chart in their writing center and in the homework section of their daily binders! She also has an cute little letter sounds book you could put in a center and have them write (OR STAMP) the beginning sound in! Then they can color each page and have a book to read at home! Seriously- genius! 

If you haven't bought Deanna Jump's Common Core posters/essential question posters yet, you have got to check them out!!! {She JUST posted about them, so go to her blog to learn more!}

She also has a WONDERFUL beginning of the year resource for kindergarten teachers! Her Literacy and Math Fun with Names is going to be my saving grace at the beginning of the school year! She has songs, class books, writing, and math activities to help teach the kids their names, as well as practice identifying letters! They are FABULOUS ideas! 

Hope you enjoy checking these fabulous bloggers out~ I am so grateful that I did!!!

Thanks ladies!!!!

One more day until I get into my classroom! YIPPEEE! =) Pictures to come!


  1. Great ideas! Thanks for sharing. I have bought Shannon Martin's units - Apples, Owls and The Bear unit. They are terrific, I would highly recommend them!
    Her blog is Kindergarten Hoppenings. Great freebies on her blog too.

    1. I LOOOOVE Shannon's blog! I have been following her since I started blogging myself! She has some WONDERFUL freebies! I haven't checked out her TPT store yet! I'll be sure to do that now! Thanks!!! =)

  2. Girl you spent some money! I am really interested in the Writing Packet. That would be so great to not have to plan that center every week. We get into our rooms later this week. I am excited! I just know your room will be beautiful!

    1. hahaha I did! But no worries--- I didn't buy ALL of this recently... some I bought earlier this year--- but so excited to start using them soon! =) We get in our classrooms on Tuesday and so excited! And we need to plan a trip out to see your classroom soon! I love reading all your posts b/c you have such wonderful ideas!

  3. Thanks so much for showcasing my letter sounds activity. I'm excited about it, too. Mine is all printed, laminated and ready to go. Funny thing is, I also have most of the other products, too. We must have the same exact taste! :)

    Ѽ Lori
    Teaching With Love and Laughter

    1. You did a wonderful job Lori!!! I can't wait to use it with my kinders this year!!! =)

    2. We'll have to compare notes, LOL!

      Ѽ Lori
      Teaching With Love and Laughter


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