Saturday, July 28, 2012

Classroom Day 3

I'm back with more pictures!!! I tend to be a little obsessed with taking pictures and sharing them, if you haven't noticed! I get so excited and love to share- so I apologize it this is a picture overload!
My small group area is ready! Just need to get my student data binder and such together! I posted my reading buddies above my word wall so we can see them from the calendar area, that way I can refer to them during whole group activities!

 Here is a close up of my organization. On the far left are all my Scott Foresman leveled and decodable readers. Then the bins in the middle hold flashcards, listening phones, pointers to track words as we read, cheap little etch-a-sketches for writing words, and other miscellaneous items we use often! On the top left, I have my "Mr. Munch" game, letter magnets in the pink bucket, highlighters, timer and more pointers.

In the green drawers on the left, I have all the rest of my small group stuff we use daily! (small letter-sound puzzles, bingo game, popcorn word games, letter magnets for word buildling, and more! The tall white drawers on the right are for my daily organization. I pull the thing I use each day and put them in the labeled drawers.

Now moving to my calendar area...
I put the vowel glue bottles above the ABC strip, so the kids can see where the vowels are. (Props to my girl Lisa for that idea!) The white calculator paper you see around my bulletin board is also an idea of Lisa's... we use that to teach how to write each number for the days of school. I plan on writing all numbers that end on zero in a different color for when we start teaching skip counting by 10s! You could also do this with tally marks and count by 5s! =)

Then I added a few things... my story skill chart on the bottom left of the apple chart... and the visual for sounds. I have no idea what they are called! Sorry! =)

I fixed my writing center board a bit so it didn't look so busy! I will post my writing chart freebie here when I get them laminated! I will also post the word from Deedee Will's writing stations in those pocket charts for the kids to use!

I moved these posters to my whiteboard so I can refer to them during whole group activities b/c I talk about those key words daily! =) I plan on writing the date on the top right corner like you see pictured each day for their journals. Then the visual directions are below. *The Inspector Fix-It is an idea/download I got form! Check that website out... so great!)
Then to the far left you see my new ABC chart....

This is from the packet I purchased here. I love it b/c it goes along with Jack Hartman's song "Learning Letter Sounds!"

My Writing Trait posters... I love how it looks here so I'm going to punch out some letters to put at the top so it will say "Writing Traits". (Unless ya'll have something more clever I could put at the top!) Any good ideas???? =)

Back to my calendar board real quick... check out my new 100s chart! I'm super excited about it b/c I plan on taking all the numbers off before the kids start so we can put the numbers in for "days of school" we've been in. I am going to use the yellow chart to put pennies in as we count the days of school. (Later in the year, I will introduce the other coins during calendar to expose them to counting coins!) I also plan on using the Common Core Standards packet I bought from Deanna Jump to to post to part of my board so the kids can be familiar with the daily standards we go through each day. (Plus it will remind me to state them as I am teaching calendar!)

Bethany brought me the place value cubes with the idea of using them in our place value charts! GENIUS!!! See why I love my k-team so much? We have helped each other out so much already this year!

I sing these 3D shape songs (found for free at daily and my kids KNOW their 3D shapes by Christmas. ;)

How I have my calendar materials organized!

I keep all my math flashcards in that tiny pink tub you see pictured. 

This is a great idea of skip counting. We also put number patterns with missing numbers on sentence strips to have the kids identify missing numbers. I will only do skip counting by 10s since that's our only common core standard for skip counting.

Plan on using this as well to have kids practice identifying shapes and color words daily.

I bought this reading chart a few weeks ago to keep track of how many books the kids are reading at home. Yesterday I found stickers to match and then when they read 100 books... I'll tell them they are a reading "Owl-star" and will post a certificate around the chart on my closet doors in my classroom with some cute owl border to match! I think that'll encourage more kids to read at home by celebrating not only with the school... but our classroom! 

Started putting stuff into my new shelf! So excited- I'm also going to put glue sticks, crayons and more in here! Any other good ideas of what i can put in here?

Check out my new teacher binder!!! {This FREE beautiful cover design is from Rowdy in Room 300! Check it out!)

I totally use this when I do report cards! Such great/positive ideas!

To keep me organized when kids start bringing in papers and such!

Such cute labels!
I think I'm going to put this in a seperate binder since this section tends to get bulky!
That's all I'll show you of the binder... the other stuff is just standards and such! On the back, I put a piece of paper to encourage me on rough days. The last day of school last year, our administration had us each write our name in the middle of a piece of paper. Then we all went around and wrote words that describe each other. (We only had a minute or two... so we didn't get to write on everyones!) Mine made me smile.... (I knew that Lisa wrote what's in orange... lol)
And this is for those who have been posting about not having a teacher desk or teach in my school district and don't know how to organize their teacher station! Another one of my awesome kdg teammates made us each a organizer for our desks (you see pictured with the yellow labels) so I can keep all the little things like paper clips, push pins, etc. in it and out of the way!

The top part opens up and I keep things I use daily here...I TRY not to stuff junk in it so I can find these things quickly and easily when needed!

The bottom two doors open and I have some cardstock, monthly calendar peices, small manila envelopes, and organizing bins (that hold stamps, label maker and such in them!) The drawers have my colorful sharpies in them for easy access!

This is what the teacher station looks like close... (My laptop goes next to my document reader and my planning/lesson plan binder i lay out to the right all day for easy access and my principal/asst. principal knows where it is and doesn't have to disrupt class to look at my plans!

I keep a lot of other stuff in my top drawer of the flat file and organized them with the bins I got in the dollar section at target. They fit perfectly and it looks so much better now! 

My monthly binders were a great idea! So excited to have these for this year!

And I just posted my table signs (that are shared to you for free here) and just had to share how adorable they turned out!!!

And found THE place for my behavior chart... =) 


  1. Love seeing your classroom! It is always great to get a few new ideas for organization. You are VERY organized. Beautiful, fun, exciting classroom.
    Boy, I have a lot of work to do.
    thanks for sharing,

  2. I would love to be in your classroom. After seeing your room I really want to work on mine now.

    The Busy Busy Hive

  3. Great ideas! It looks done to me!

  4. I love it! So neat and organized. I can't wait to get back to my room Monday and get to work!

  5. Bring on picture overloads! I don't think any teacher minds! I love looking at how others organize their classrooms. Your classroom looks great and I've got some new ideas for mine. Thanks!

    Down Under Teacher

  6. Your room looks great! I'm jealous of all the space you have! You are so organized!

  7. Looks great! Where is the report card comments article from? I need one of those! That would come in handy for report card time. :)

  8. I'm loving all of these pictures!!! Looks fantastic!! :)


  9. Wow! You're room looks amazing! Can I steal the picture of the Jack Hartman alphabet poster?

    ΡΌ Lori
    Teaching With Love and Laughter

  10. Love your room! I love looking at other classrooms and getting ideas for setup! BTW I have those same sound posters (under your apple) and I also have NO IDEA what they're called! We've used them for the last few years....I wish I knew what they were called....I've always been curious!

    Debbie :-)
    K is for Kinderrific

  11. LOVE the room!! Did you say you posted those table signs somewhere? I couldn't find a link :)


    1. You can find my table signs here:

  12. I see someone already asked, but where do you have the table signs available? I didn't see them in your TPT store. So cute!

    Tales of a Teacherista

    1. You can find my table signs here:

  13. Your room looks wonderful and I have snagged several ideas from you for my own classroom. Thanks :) I see someone else asked but I did not see a reply from you. Where did you find the 100 Report Card comments? I checked your TPT store and did not find it.
    Thanks Stephanie Fryman

  14. You are so organized! I am obsessed with all of it! :)

    Apples and ABC's

  15. Love love your classroom!! And those binder pages, too! ;)
    Rowdy in Room 300


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