Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Classroom Day 1

Today was my first day working in my classroom for the upcoming school year! I got  A LOT done today! =)
-All the bulletin boards have fresh paper and new polka dot borders
-Calendar area is up
To do tomorrow: Organize and sort books by month (I'm using my 3 drawer labels as my book bin labels this year! (Print 4-6 on a page and they will be small enough!)
 Hot glued these to the wall to save some bulletin board space. I HATE clutter. So glad I had this wall space! =)
 My new calendar ready for Open House... the yellow chart will hold pennies that we will use to count the days of school! My place value chart below and then my new 100s chart! (Which had me cracking up b/c the 10's did not fit in their pocket.
To do tomorrow: Trim the 10s to fit into pocket chart!
 The ribbon will hold my standards I bought form Deanna Jump!
The apple chart will hold our letters/words of the week!
 Book bins (need to take off old name labels!)
 Closet is organized! (I actually organized it when packing up my room in the spring!)
 Small group materials (The overhead will not be staying there!)
 The bulletin board will be for my writing station. I went ahead and put up all my word wall words b/c I thought that I could call on students to go find our new words on the word wall each day! That way I can teach them how to use the word wall, rather than it just being a nice display!
 Where I'll display student work...
To do tomorrow: Punch out some letters for a cute title!

 I think I'll use this to display student work too.
 Started organizing my junk drawer.... lol
 My shelf is getting there!
 Still a mess! Taking it a day at a time!
 My new behavior chart is all ready to go! =)


  1. It is looking so beautiful! I like your window! I have no window or door in my room (other that the entry door). You have been working so hard! Your closet is amazing-so organized!

  2. Wow! You got a LOT finished in just one day! I love how organized and cute it is! You are so blessed to have a big room too! :)

    ~ Lisa
    Teaching Kindergarten Kiddos

  3. Your room is looking so cute and kindergarten friendly! I love all of your organization and bulletin boards. Your closet is beyond amazing! So organized! I am still waiting to know if I will be in my room by myself or if I will be sharin. It makes a difference for how I will set it up and organize. Your room is inspiring! I'll post pictures soon!

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  5. Too cute! Quick question, where did you get your bulletin board border? I love it! I have been looking for something for a while and haven't found anything. (Needless to say I haven't been to Clarksville since the CCSS inservice... so I haven't looked at the teacher store there.)

  6. Hi Jessica,

    Your room looks absolutely inviting! There are lots of great colors all around - a must. I simply love colors and so do the little ones. Your classroom wall is painted in a darling baby/pastel blue. Did you do it yourself? It really works since it goes with the personality of your the room. Thanks for sharing your hard work.


  7. You have a great room and you are doing such fun things with it. The kids will love it! Renee

  8. I just nominated you for the Lovely Blog Award. Please come by and check it out.


  9. Your room looks great!I love the glue bottle vowels! Can you tell me where you got them?

  10. Love your blog-where did you get the vowel glue bottles?


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