Sunday, April 22, 2012

Catching up

Hey all! I remembered to take a few pictures before I left school on Friday and wanted to share a few things we have been up to! If you recall from one of my earlier posts, I used Deanna's Jump's idea of reading "Where the Wild Things Are" and having the kids write about what they do when they feel wild. Then they made their own wild thing and they turned out too precious!!! I don't want to take them down! =)
 Here are a few close-ups!

We have to have our standards posted with any work we put up...

Last week we did a lot of Earth Day activities, so my other display in the hall is the writing responses they did after discussing ways we can take care of the Earth!  ALL of this was pinterest inspired, not my original idea... except instead of using green paint, the kids traced and cut out their own hand prints, then glued them in the middle of the blue circle. Then I had them "recycle" the left over green paper by cutting it up into smaller pieces and glue it on to make the other pieces of land on the Earth. They turned out cool!

 The standards posted! My awesome K team likes to tease me b/c I have to make EVERYTHING cute. haha =)
The adorable anchor chart idea I got from pinterest!

Not as cute... but I wanted the kids to understand the different between natural resources and man-made materials. 
Some close-ups of their writings!

Random picture! I found the cutest ocean stickers in the scrapbooking section at Hobby Lobby and used them to make this lil goody! (I made one for my Pinterest exchange pal too!)
A few more random things... 2 weeks ago, we were learning about seeds and I placed 4 ziplock baggies around the room on Monday. I wrote on them (as you can see) so we wouldn't forget which is which! We put a lima bean seed in the bags...
and tape 2 to the window, labeled:
1. In sun, no water
2. In sun, with water
and 2 in the closet, labeled:
3. No sun, with water
4, No sun, no water

Then we made predictions of what will happen with each seed then I wrote our predictions on the bags. 
On Friday we sat out in the grassy area you see pictured above and planted grass seed in the cups below. (I put their picture & name on a popsicle stick so they can keep an eye on their own seeds!)


Last week for reading, we read Old MacDonald had a Woodshop (from the Scott Foresman reading series) and discussed Character.  

The first day we really practice preview and predicting the story and introducing the vocab in the story. 

The 2nd day we reviewed the skill by using Goldilocks and the Three Bears from earlier this year and made this character web that I found from Fran!
The next day, we re-read the story and completed a character map on Old MacDonald in the story.

Then the last day I gave each child a paper where they drew their favorite character from the story and had to describe them by telling me what animal it was and what tool they were using in the story. 
(I forgot to take pictures, I'll try to remember to take some tomorrow!)
 Friday we went on a field trip to the farm all day, so we didn't have any plans for reading!

One last thing I wanted to ask was how do you manage indoor recess with your class? thankfully, we haven't had to do this too many times this year... but I foudn that Like using a pocket chart so the kids can take turns at the "favorite centers". (housekeeping and computers were always getting picked first!) So now I have it so they can take turns- I just rotate it like we would any other station rotation. i am actually editing it a bit this week... I'm taking out the names and putting thier pictures in it's place, and wnat to edit some of the recess stations! =) I'll try to remember to post them when I finish! =)

Hope you all have a wonderful week! We have 22 and a 1/2 days left!!! 


  1. You captured a lot of exciting activities. Thanks for sharing! Your Where the Wild Things Are bulletin board is just too cute.

    Lori (
    Teaching With Love and Laughter

  2. Wow! Looks like those kiddos are having a lot of fun. I just saw you're from clarksville, TN. I'm actually in cleveland, OH but have applied to a couple jobs in Clarksville for next year! We'll see how that goes...


  3. LLOOOVEEE the "when I feel wild" project!! I am going to have to fit that in somewhere! My littles are definitely WILD lately :)

  4. Do you have or sell a template for your Max? It is adorable!

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