Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spring is in full swing!!!

I can't believe all the storms we have been getting this spring in TN!!!! We've had 2 really bad storms with high winds enough to damage my roof. Tonight and tomorrow they are predicting severe storms with high chances of tornadoes.... which is no fun when you live alone with no basement!!!! I want my mommy! ;) Please say a prayer for all of us in the south that are in the storm's path this week! 

Before the storm hits and most likely takes out my power, I wanted to share a few pictures of some fun spring activities we have been doing in kindergarten!

After spending a week learning about plants and seeds, the kids were able to plant their own seeds. They are growing fast and the kids are so excited! Next week I'm going to let them paint some little flower pots to give to their moms/grandma/aunts, etc for Mothers Day! (We have a lot of kiddos that don't live with moms, so I try to remind them that even thought they don't live with them, they may have someone in their lives that is like a mom...)

Anyways... here a pic of our plants on Friday last week! (We were out of school today for power outages due to the storms last night.... this has been one crazy spring)!

When learning addition I let them color a ladybug, and glue black dots on each wing. Then we wrote our addition sentence on yellow squares to glue on the bottom. 

Back to our plant unit.... we read Eric Carle's "Tiny Seed" and then labeled and glued the parts of a plant and what a plant needs to grow as a fun craft! They loved it and worked so quietly as they glued! 

A little assessment for our landforms unit. Each day they drew the landform we talked about in a corner of the paper.

Our rigor and relevance for the month! They wrote their own addition stories! They turned out so cute!

Our writing after reading "Spilt Milk"....

During our dental health unit I had dental words in their writing center and some of my kiddos did a great job writing! =)


  1. i really like your blog as I get to know many things to teach to my students in an easy and simple way. Your techniques really help my students in quick learning. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love your post it has been great. I have one question where I can get a copy of the addition stories . My students are having a hard time learning addition and I think this will help them Thanks Arelys.

  3. Do you have the addition stories paper?

  4. I would love a copy of your addition stories page too!


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